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Year 12 Future Pathways

First Day of Year 12

Induction Programme – To familiarise students with the variety of opportunities available in the Sixth Form.

Year 12 PSHE September/October - Future Pathways Choices

To include: What happens after sixth form? Choosing the right course/University; The UCAS application process; Student Finance; Personal Statements, Apprenticeships, Gap years, Employment Opportunities.

Oxbridge Programme

Throughout the year, weekly support is available for Oxbridge applications. The sessions draw upon extensive experience and research to offer a support programme that will help maximise students’ chances of securing a place.

Autumn - Higher Education, Apprenticeship and Employment Support

Skills Show

This is a one stop shop – careers advice, skills activities, local and national companies, training organisations and colleges. Hundreds of great career ideas to explore, including jobs of the future. Information and advice on all routes into jobs, from apprenticeships to university.

November - Speed Careers Event

A morning where all Year 12 students have the opportunity to speak to a professionals from a range of career areas. Representatives will be present from banking and finance, law, creative arts, public sector industries and lots more.

Year 12 PSHE November/ December - Careers

To include: Apprenticeships, Gap Years, Art College, Making Career Decisions, CVs

March - Surrey University UCAS convention

The exhibitions help students explore a wide range of academic and career opportunities, and discover a future that is right for them. Students will meet UCAS experts, university and college representatives, and industry professionals at this unique, campus-based event. A great opportunity to hear from both visiting exhibitors, as well as see, in detail, what the host university can offer.

Future Pathways Evening

To attend the opportunity to hear more about Future Pathways post-18 with your parents /carers. External speakers will provide targeted support and advice. Alumni students will return to share their expertise, knowledge and careers

June - Future Pathways Day (1 full day)

To include: Targeted support for apprenticeship, employment and Higher Education applications.

Please see below links to the PowerPoint and recording below from the Future Pathways Day Parental Update of 2021.

This Parental update explains the Future Pathways available post-18, provides key dates, and highlights resources available to help with the process.

Future Pathways Day - Full Recording

Future Pathways Day - Powerpoint Presentation

Year 12 PSHE June/July - Higher Education 2

To include: University Seminars by former students; Personal Statement Advice and Writing

Year 13 Future Pathways

Year 13 PSHE September/October- My Future Beyond St Phil's

To include: Higher Education Workshops; Personal Statements; Admissions Tests;Career Interviews; UCAS Extra and CLearing; Interview Preparation

Year 13 PSHE November / December -Life Skills

To include: Student Finance; University tips and Hints; Food and Lifestyle

November - Admissions Test Preparation

Targeted preparation lessons each week for admission tests

December - Interview Preparation

An opportunity to arrange mock interviews with the sixth form team and specialist subject teachers

February onwards - Ongoing support

Ongoing Career interviews and Apprenticeship Support for those not applying for Higher Education

March - 'Are you Ready yet?' Evening

On Wednesday 9th March, Year 13 Parents and students were invited for their main transition event, to prepare current Year 13 students and parents for the next few weeks and months ahead.

The evening aimed to provide an opportunity to:

  • receive information about the UCAS process at this stage in the procedure. ,

  • listen to a speaker from the University of Surrey who will talked about how students make an application to Student Finance to support with university costs,

  • gain a full understanding of what students need to do in order to prepare themselves for the public examinations this summer, and

  • explore a variety of strategies to support your daughter’s well-being over the final few months of formal education.

Please take a look at the powerpoint presentation from the evening below:

'Are we ready yet?' Powerpoint Presentation