PSHE Programme

What does PSHEC look like in the Sixth Form?

One of the primary responsibilities of the school is to ensure that the PSHEC curriculum prepares your daughter to go out into the world equipped with the knowledge, skills and confidence to succeed as a ‘citizen of the world’ and a ‘Woman of Faith’. It's important that your daughter knows how to reach out when support is needed in diverse situations.

The PSHEC curriculum is fully in line with our Mission statement and has been extensively reviewed in anticipation of the changes to statutory requirements proposed from September 2020 with its particular emphasis on relationships education.

PSHEC within the sixth form focuses on Future Pathways, Emotional Health and Well being Relationshsips and Sexual Health Education and living in a diverse society


  • To help students respect and safeguard themselves and others

  • To support and help students to keep themselves safe

  • To support students through physical, emotional moral and spiritual development

  • To develop knowledge and skills to enable students to make responsible choices about health and well being

  • To provide students with the skills and knowledge to aid them in living a Diverse Modern Britain

  • To provide students with the knowledge and skills to take their place and play an active part in society understanding their responsibilities as citizens, and enabling them to make sound financial decisions

Examples of our topics

Autumn A

Future Pathways

Autumn B

Emotional Health and Wellbeing - A Healthy Happy You

Spring A

Diversity & Identity

Spring B

Relationships & Friendships

Summer A

Preparing for Exams

Summer B

Future Pathways