Student Leadership

Dear Prospective Year 12 Students and Parents, 

My name is Germaine Paragas and I am the current Head Girl for 2023. I am in Year 12 studying English Literature, Government and Politics and Psychology. I plan on attending university to study undergraduate law. My role as Head Girl within the school has given me the opportunity to be the spokesperson for our student body. St Philomena’s is an exceptional institution that has been educating young women for 130 years, however being here for almost 7 years as a student, the most prominent attribute to the school's everyday life is the great sense of community.

The transition from primary school to secondary school can be overwhelming, I know for myself it was a daunting experience. I remember entering the chapel on the first day, the smell of incense and seeing hundreds of other girls, all of us dressed in our brown uniforms - each one of us naturally very nervous about our future at St Philomena's. The school was much bigger than my primary St Cecilia’s and I wasn’t really sure what to expect. But entering this new chapter of my life was one of the most transformative experiences. 

Not only has my academic journey been extremely versatile, with a vast array of opportunities from critical stem subjects to the arts, and support with societies and extra curricular activities, it has also allowed me to meet some of the most committed and determined girls which in turn has built long lasting friendships. 

Participating in school life outside of the broad and balanced curriculum has truly enhanced my secondary school experience. I can assure you that St Philomena's is a place where no one is ever alone and once you join us and become a Philomenian, you will be a part of a special community/family. A place where you will develop physically, academically and spiritually.

Almost 7 years ago when I began my journey at St Philomena’s I remember listening to the Head girl speaking and not once did it cross my mind that nearly a decade later I’d be in her shoes. The passion and confidence I now possess are all thanks to the experiences I have had here. I know that your daughter will be happy that she has chosen St Philomena’s and she will find herself achieving more than she could ever have imagined.

I wish you every success in your approaching GCSE’s and choosing your Post-16 options and destination. 

Germaine Paragas

Head Girl 2022/2023