Student Leadership

Dear Prospective Year 12 Students and Parents,

Welcome to St Philomena’s Sixth Form. My name is Gabriella Berkeley-Agyepong and I am the school’s current head girl from 2022 until 2023. I am a year 12 Student studying A-Levels in English Language, Government and Politics and English Literature. In the future, I would like to embark on further studies in the humanities at university.

Choosing what you want to study at A levels is no easy feat, it is one of the most challenging decisions you’ll make in your adolescent life, one that will impact not just the next two years of compulsory education but how you journey into the future. Similarly, where you chose to study for your A-Levels is an equally important decision. I have already undertaken this task and there are many key reasons why St Philomena’s is the best choice for any student to continue their Post-16 Studies I would like to share my reasoning for continuing study at St Philomena’s Sixth Form with you, and how this decision has enhanced my experiences as a learner and development as a young woman.

Lots of support is offered to each and every St Philomena student, you are never alone when making decisions or if you ever find yourself in a dilemma. The Sixth Form Team is always encouraging and understanding, hard at work to ensure that every student reaches their full potential for their two years in the Sixth Form and beyond. The school also offers great amounts of support and opportunities to figure out what comes after Sixth Form, they are dedicated to ensuring that every student leaves St Philomena’s enriched academically, socially and spiritually.

There are also large amounts of opportunities to make your mark on the school community and explore your own interests. There are many extra-curricular and super-curricular activities that run during the course of the school year to get involved with. Some examples are Sports Leaders, Environmental Society, Politics and Debating Society and Chapel Choir. And if you don’t find something you enjoy, you can create your own society or club and take a leadership role within the school.

As you move into sixth form, you have more responsibility for your own education, as you experience an increased workload and independent study periods for the first time. I would recommend that you use this time wisely and the St Philomena’s Sixth Form Team will support you with this transition. There are multiple facilities available for Sixth Form students to use to enhance their learning, the central area being the McAuley Suite. This is the main place where Sixth Form independent study is based and it has lots of resources for you to utilise such as computers, Chromebooks and a wide range of subject-specific books and textbooks. These resources are all-important when studying in Years 12 and 13 and will prove to be extremely useful when delving deeper into your academics.

The most important thing about St Philomena’s is the sense of community. Community is at the heart of our school and I can assure you that if you come to our Sixth Form, whether you are an existing student or an external student, you will be welcomed by the students and staff. This is truly the most important aspect to consider when choosing a Sixth Form. Finding a place that will give you a great balance between academics and extracurriculars, finding a school that will support you in achieving your dreams and aspirations and most importantly finding a school community that is welcoming and a comfortable environment for you to grow in. As a representative of our school's student body, I can assure you that St Philomena’s is a place that will grow to feel just like home after a short while here.

St Philomena’s has been an amazing place for me to expand my horizons, it has been a place that has allowed me to learn more about myself and grow not just as a learner but as a person also. I am assertive that if you attend St Philomena’s Sixth Form, you will be able to explore your passion and find the post-18 pathway that is best for you. I am certain that by attending our Sixth Form you will reach the highest echelons of success and exceed your goals and ambitions.

I wish you every success in your approaching GCSE’s and choosing your Post-16 options and destination.

Yours Faithfully,

Gabriella Berkeley-Agyepong

Head Girl 2022-2023